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About Career Transition

With expertise in successfully managing all types of career transitions, Quest Management Consultants can take the potentially negative experience of a downsizing or a layoff and instead create a positive outcome for all involved.

Quest’s Career Transition staff has more than 100 combined years of professional experience in the field of career transition. By identifying key factors such as skills, personality traits, and values, Quest's consultants will coach and counsel affected employees on ways to succeed. Quest is dedicated to working directly with our clients to develop and plan an effective strategy while managing our clients’ process from beginning to end.

Services & Objectives for the Organization

Given the stressful and difficult nature of career transition, most employees lack the knowledge and the skills to successfully manage their own transition. Employing the services of Quest for your employee demonstrates your sincere commitment to all of your employees during this trying time. Learn more information.

Services & Objectives for the Individual

Words alone cannot describe the emotional upheaval that a person experiences when they are laid off. The Quest approach enables you to deal with these emotions in a productive way and focus your energy on discovering new and fulfilling opportunities. Our goal, like yours, is to realize your potential and optimize your marketability in an effort to ensure your future success. Learn more information.

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