The Process

At Quest Management Consultants, many of our successes in executive recruitment can be attributed to our nine-step process. Each step stresses an eye on detail and communication with the client to ensure a timely resolution.

We are so confident in our approach; we would like to share some of the high-level details.

Quest's Executive Search Process:

Client Consultations

At Quest, we first conduct a thorough meeting with the hiring executive and relevant members of the management team to determine the requirements for the position. We also seek to identify all other important factors about the company, culture, competition, etc. This information provides the foundation for our search plan and strategy.


With the job specifications clearly defined, we compile a list of target organizations, potential candidates, and sources. We search our firm’s database, which includes candidates, directories of companies, associations, reference materials, and related prior assignments for qualified prospects.

Recruit and Qualify

Quest conducts a personal meeting with the high potential candidates to further assess individual qualifications and characteristics. We assess their skills and experience as well as things such as strategic vision, creativity, cultural fit, etc. These meetings also enable us to assess their communication skills and interpersonal abilities.

Presentation of Candidates

The executive search process is one of elimination. It is a disciplined process that results in a short list of the highest potential candidates for a position. Finalists are then recommended for client interviews.


Client/Candidate Meetings

Quest makes arrangements for the client and top candidates to meet. Successful meetings often require extensive coordination and communication to ensure optimum results.

Candidate Evaluations

Quest assists the client in evaluating and comparing individual candidates. The decision to select the final candidates is always the client’s decision and we assist them in any way we can to make the best possible decision.

Reference Checking

Formal reference checks are conducted to help validate the candidate’s background, abilities, integrity, and character.

Compensation and Negotiations

As appropriate, Quest counsels the client regarding the compensation package and frequently asked to negotiate on behalf of our client with the selected candidate. At this stage, both parties have a strong desire to proceed and a third party can facilitate understanding, agreement, and closure.

Follow Up

Finally, Quest stays in touch with the candidate during the transition period and continue to act as a liaison as needed.

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