Program Components

At Quest Management Consultants, we use an array of evaluation tools to achieve sustained and measurable changes. Many of the tools that Quest uses are proprietary and have helped us perfect our approach.

Quest’s innovative program components include:


Evaluation to determine each participant’s current level of job satisfaction and his/her awareness of the contribution to this level of satisfaction.

Personal Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment of an individual’s assets including personality type, work style, and communication skills. The goal is to provide better insight into the features, functions, and benefits of their personal product.

Making Career Decisions

This phase involves introduction to career decision making model. Emphasis is placed on the importance of being future oriented and focusing their energies on situations within their control.

Taking Control

Discussions focus on how people move ahead by influencing their manager's perception through open communication. Corporate politics are discussed in order to better understand that good working relationships are imperative to career success.

Self Assessment

Assistance in determining realistic career choices based on skills and interests. Attention is also given to personality traits that contribute to work style and job satisfaction.

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