Quest Management Consultants works with organizations to evaluate their current compensation system including, but not limited to, wages, benefits, and what employees value. The evaluation can include an analysis of departmental structure, development of job descriptions, and a survey of compensation elements that are desired and truly valued by employees. This survey is typically conducted using employee focus groups.

Quest conducts employee focus groups to discover more about an organization, specific employee job responsibilities, and how employees feel about the organization’s current compensation and incentive plans. We obtain input on what kinds of incentives would most strongly motivate them. Each focus group meeting takes approximately one hour.

Using the data collected, Quest can assist a client in refining its compensation system, overall and by department, to create a viable and cost efficient system that addresses employee recruitment, motivation and retention. This assistance can include helping the organization to identify its compensation philosophy, establish salary ranges per job classification based on this philosophy and market comparisons, and provide guidance to management on appropriate compensation procedures for promotions, intra-departmental and inter-departmental transfers, and demotions. Quest’s process also includes basic training for supervisors and managers on how to most effectively use the compensation system, and a Compensation System Administration Manual.

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