Supervisory Skills Training

Supervisory training helps supervisors understand their responsibilities, and identify their own strengths and areas needing development. In the training supervisors learn about the importance of effective leadership skill including problem solving and conflict resolution. The training focuses their attention on how well they communicate, which is upward and downward. It teaches them how to motivate and get the best performance and behavior from their employees.

Supervisory training helps employers reduce potential liability in employment-related practices such as behavior counseling, performance feedback, recognition and reward practices, and termination. Supervisors learn what it means to be consistent and respectful in dealing with employees while being flexible with different individuals. In improving the effectiveness of supervisors, the training can facilitate increases in the overall productivity of the workforce, leading to significant improvements in organizational effectives and efficiency.

A basic supervisory training course is conducted in 4-5 hour sessions designed by the client and Quest. Each session is designed to accommodate 10-15 participants.

The modules from which the sessions can be constructed include:

  • Basics of leadership
  • Moving from employee to supervisor
  • Identifying your supervisory style (including optional supervisory skills assessment)
  • Coaching for performance success
  • Conducting performance appraisals
  • Effective interviewing skills
  • Motivating with reward and recognition
  • Conflict resolution
  • Administering policies and procedures
  • Basics of employment law for supervisors
  • Illegal harassment prevention: a guide for supervisors
  • Termination
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
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