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Resume Builder & Consultation

“The future depends on what you do today.” —Mahatma Gandhi

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Quest Management Consultants Resume Build and Coaching service includes:



More than just recording career history into a formatted template, your Quest Management Consultants coach will work with you to completely assess your skills, experience, and preferences.  This exercise will inform your unique path forward.


In this rapidly changing world of “work” and “workers”, your coach will help you understand the impact and opportunities of the new hybrid job/hybrid work environment.  Open your imagination to how you can take advantage of changes in the work environment.  You will learn specific techniques to identify organizations and roles that allow you to deploy your skills and experience.


When you understand that your career campaign is a marketing campaign, you know that your resume is the most important marketing collateral that you will develop.  Your coach will help you build a resume that uniquely represents you and your brand.


You will learn the structure of the “behavioral interview” and prepare to represent your “best self” in the interview.


Everything in life is a negotiation.  The job offers you receive may not perfectly fit your needs.  Your coach will help you assess the offers and determine the strategy for negotiating the details of the offer.


Land well in our new position.  Your coach will introduce strategies for success as you enter your new career environment.